Warren Real Estate - Why Warren

Choosing the Right Company Makes a Difference

Warren Real Estate is dedicated to giving confidential and personal service to residential and commercial customers and clients and is particularly well known for the fine homes it offers. Since 1953, Warren Real Estate has been privileged to serve the faculties of Cornell University, Ithaca College and TC3; the personnel of Ithaca’s industries and the growing professional and business community.

We’re a Locally Owned Business

We’ve been part of the community for over six decades and are proud to support our local economy as an employer, taxpayer, consumer and through charitable work and donations. Keeping these transactions in our community reinforce one another and have a local multiplier effect. A local multiplier effect refers to the greater local economic return generated by money spent at locally-owned independent businesses compared to corporate chains or other absentee-owned businesses.

We’re Here to Stay – In Good Times and Bad

The real estate market is naturally cyclical. Since 1953 we’ve been through it all from steady markets, recessions, housing booms, to national economic housing crises. Our example of local ownership continues to show resilience no matter the economic climate.

Year after year, our stats show why we are the best choice:
HIGHER Avg Selling Price
HIGHER Med. Selling Price
HIGHER # of SOLD properties
LESS Avg Days on Market
#1 in sales, year after year

Local Quality of Life is Our Priority

Local ownership is insulated from the pressures that plague companies owned by larger out-of-town companies. We’re here indefinitely, and like other local businesses who’ve made the commitment,  this helps the community to better shape its laws and regulations to serve the local quality of life.

Flexibility and Profitability

Since 1953 we’ve understood that generating a positive rate of return is far more important to the local economy than having a smaller number of absentee-owned companies generating a maximum rate of return. This helps explain why college and state-government towns are among the most recession proof in the country.

Track Record and History

For 65 years, Warren has been a successful and highly reputable force in the Finger Lakes real estate business.