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Common Pack Rat

Organization for the Common Pack Rat Home Owner

We all feel it-the coming holiday. Wrapping paper and decorations are spread all over the house. The kitchen is a mess. From baking pies to family dinners, the kitchen can get crowded very quickly and we have too much around us.

Fear not friends, there are tips to help in organization for the common pack rat. We found this really cool article that outlined some organizational hacks to make your Kitchen Pantry “Instagram-Worthy”. (How to Organize an Instagram-Worthy Kitchen Pantry | realtor.com®)


  • The article lays it out like this:

    • Clean it out – Start with a fresh canvas and take a minute to appreciate the clean space.
    • Shelve it – Pantry shelves are a must and they recommend  purchasing the ones that are adjustable. With adjustable shelving the space can adapt with you as your needs change for the use of that space.
    • Categorize it – Create zones for your pantry. Easy to go in and grab it if you know exactly where it is going to be! No more going in for baking supplies and coming out with a can of soup. Label your sections and stick to it!
    • Ditch the packaging – This is such a space saver! With two little people at home we stock up on snacks all the time! Those boxes and bags can be…overwhelmingly annoying if you lack the room for them. Try some airtight containers and throw away those boxes!
    • Spin it, stack it – Storage is scarce in tight spaces and utilizing tools to make it more accessible can never hurt! Turntables, lazy susans and rising shelving units can be very helpful tools.
    • Bin tags & labels – Labels can be a huge time saver. It is nice to go into a cabinet to grab flour and actually have the flour and not sugar.
    • Don’t overstuff – You DO NOT have to fill the ENTIRE pantry. Keep your pantry filled and stocked. You DO NOT need it filled to the point of not being able to move items around.

Remember go slow with organizing. The process can be super fulfilling. If rushed it can be very stressful and daunting. You can do this, friends!

Sometimes organizing is not enough to make more space for you and your family. Buyers and Sellers often go through moments of needing help in realizing what kind of space they have or need. Call a Warren agent today if you are interested in exploring your options.