Organization for the Common Pack Rat

We all feel it-the coming holiday. When the gifts, the wrapping, and the decorations all go flying everywhere and it seems like EVERYTHING is cluttered – including the kitchen. Baking pies and dinners and… yeah we are tired thinking about it.

Well my fellow pack-rats, there are tips to help. We found this really cool article that outlined some organizational hacks to make your Kitchen Pantry “Instagram-Worthy”. (How to Organize an Instagram-Worthy Kitchen Pantry |®) I know – I’m sure you’re thinking, “but that is only one section of my kitchen.” Believe me I know, but there is something wonderfully fulfilling and therapeutic about organizing bits and pieces. No need to get overwhelmed by it. Take it one section at a time.

Pantry Items

The article lays it out like this:

Clean it out – Start with a fresh canvas.

Shelve it – Pantry shelves are a must, but they recommend adjustable ones, so that it can change with your needs over time.

Categorize it – Create zones for your pantry. Easy to go in a grab it if you know exactly where it is going to be! No more going in for baking supplies and coming out with a can of soup. Label your sections and stick to it!

Ditch the packaging – This is such a space saver! With two little people at home we stock up on snacks all the time! Those boxes and bags can be…overwhelmingly annoying if you lack the room for them. Try some airtight containers and throw away those boxes! The article gives some recommendations for me aesthetically pleasing ones if you are interested in that.

Spin it, stack it – Storage is scarce in tight spaces, so utilizing tools to make it more accessible can never hurt! Turntables, lazy susans, rising shelving units, etc…

Bin tags & labels – Okay, I know what you are thinking my fellow pack rats: “Who on earth has a label maker at home?” and “Who has the time?” My response to you is – “If you don’t, you should.” and “I thought it would too, but turns out they make the handheld ones that you just type it in and print it right there and you are good to go! No time AT ALL” GAME CHANGER, friends! You can label your canisters, baskets, and bins in your kitchen for sure, but you can use it for so much more (Ask me about my kids arts & crafts supplies sometime…)

Don’t overstuff – You DO NOT have to fill the ENTIRE pantry. Go you for stocking up, but if it is packed tight – odds are it is going to be very difficult to move or see anything. This will make all the work you did to try yo organize it kind of pointless.


Remember go slow with organizing. It can be super fulfilling and is not meant to be stressful, but can seem daunting if rushed. You can do this, friends! If I can – you certainly can.

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